My sister is so precious

She stands by God with me

She’s wonderful to talk to

About Christianity


Out of all our family

There’s only Jo and me

Who will be faithful Christians

From here to eternity


We talked of faith and God

And life, and this and that

It was so good to talk to her

We had a lovely chat


She came to visit me

I was delighted that she came

The more we talked and shared our faith

The closer we became


When God made us, I wonder

If we were side by side

We’re only born a year apart

That cannot be denied


What plans has God for us

If we stay strong and true?

Where’er we stray or travel

Jo, always I will love you


I’m so very, very thankful

I gave up the pills and booze

Out of Jo and alcohol

It’s always Jo, I’ll choose.


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