Drowning, Not Waving….

I’m sick of all the games and lies; sick of all the fights. There’s a tempest blowing up inside my mind and I don’t know if I can survive it. The winds are high, the sea is rough but I never learned to swim. I try my best to hang on but I feel myself losing my grip and suddenly, I plunge into the icy waters. I cry for help but no-one can hear me, so I cry to God in desperation but He doesn’t answer my pleas. I am drowning, not waving. It’s only a matter of time……. then suddenly, I have no fear and suddenly I really don’t care. I welcome the silence as I sink into the icy depths; floating away, to no-man’s land where I am alone, and there are no games and lies, and at last, there are no fights. Just peace in my head and then I realize that this is not no-man’s land but somewhere beautiful and far away where an angel takes my hand and the pain in my heart melts away.