There’s so much in my head tonight. There’s so many blogs whizzing round my head, begging to be written. My head is full of words, images. confusion, ideas, compassion and endless chatter. 


I want to write about my hypervigilance which makes me feel mad and paranoid; my stormy relationship with my ex-husband; about an abusive relationship that went pear-shaped recently (not that i care now); i want to write about my relationship with my previous therapist which was unhealthily co-dependant and stuffed full of transference issues (which ended it all, very painfully); my god-awful stays in psychiatric hospital (which ‘officially’ makes me mad/insane). I need to write more about my abuse (there’s still so much of it in my head, crying to get out); I am completely and emotionally wiped out.


I’ve got so much going on in my head, the confusion is unbearable! STOP THE WORLD, I WANNA GET OFF! I’m physically, mentally and emotionally fucked! I’ve managed to make one sensible decision at least tonight and that is i am gonna leave you, my blogging buddies, at least for today and I AM GOING TO BED! X



      1. Thanks 🙂 how can you relate to my avatar? I’m glad you like it. I just snapped it after my son had finished playing in the water. It reminds me of simpler days when I only had ONE child 😉 hugs back to you, dear.

  1. Hi :). It reminds me of a time when i was young (amidst all the chaos at that time), when i stood at the end of a jetty near where i lived, and i remember staring down at the water thinking how peaceful and quiet is was compared to my own circumstances and haw much i liked the gentle movement of the water x 🙂

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