Blogs…..Blogging…..I’ve often thought, ‘Why do i do it?’ (I daresay many of you have thought the same at times). 



Me….personally….I certainly don’t do it for the ‘Hits’, I don’t even do it for the ‘Likes’ (although it’s nice to know someone out there loves me!). The ‘Comments’ are different though because i can learn something from them; how other people feel; if my blog has helped someone and made them feel less alone and it’s been worthwhile;  or whether i’ve written a load of junk and ought to delete it! 


I write because i love writing as a creative tool and form of expression, and to reach out to others. I am useless at drawing (unless you count a ‘Playschool’ house with four windows, a door and chimney!)and photography; except i do like the occasional image to break up the text (credit to Bing). I’ve had two very simple and small books published which consist mostly of poetry and ramblings about my life and about mental health. And no, this isn’t a promotion, otherwise i’d be ‘blazing’ the title and pseudonym in flying colours! I like to blog as a way to get things off my chest, sharing feelings and making friends.


So, there, in a nutshell, is the reason why i like writing and blogging about blogging. Thanks for reading, if you get this far!). x