This is a Youtube video i came across while searching for something else. It caught my eye immediately as i could identify with the title….I feel like that broken girl because of all the abuse i’ve been through and know many of my followers may also see this through the same eyes as myself.


When you watch it, you may initially think that it is a religious take on this subject, but please don’t let that deter you because for ‘God/Jesus’ or any faith you could ‘read’, therapist, counsellor, loving partner, closest friend or family member (obviously not anyone involved in your abuse) or even yourself when it comes to the subject of healing. Healing can, in addition, come from within you.


When i watched it, the images (not graphic) really touched my heart and i cried and cried, watching this, because it was ME and when you watch it, you may find that it is YOU too.


I’m going to keep this blog short because i think the video says it all (or at least a great deal of it). Although this clip refers to a broken girl, it could equally apply to a broken boy (the images may not depict a boy but if you are an abused male, please don’t let this deter you.


This is the video:


I am sending out love and hugs with this to anyone who’s in need of such, Ellie xoxox