Since i was born into this new blogging world, (which was all that long ago), i’ve concentrated a lot on my past and my childhood. And yes, i did experience awful, child abuse, domestic violence, rape, incest and all the complications that followed on from that, as is evident in most of my earlier posts and there is still more to express but i don’t want to flood my blog with this completely.


I decided to choose a new, fresh image to fit my newly reformed self;  something different from the usual theme that i would have chosen previously. I decided that i don’t want to be stuck in a rut of blogging about the same subject everyday (and that’s absolutely, 100% nothing against those who need to do that). It’s just that i’ve ‘been there, done that and worn the tee-shirt’ as they say and have spent my entire life to date doing so. I have made some wonderful friends since i first began blogging and hope they will stick with me on my slightly diverted travels. I hope also to make some new friends along my new path.


I had a long chat with my therapist this morning and discussed this ‘change‘ at length. She said i needed to move on although i can never totally be rid of my inner demons and my history of abuse but i need to open up my world a little more and ‘smell the roses’ rather than the cowpats! 


I came across this image which really sums up some of what i have been saying:




So here we are, a fresh, new adventure although i realise that i have only just ‘dipped my toes into the water’ and i might yet decide climb back into my box, but i really hope i can be happy here in my ‘new’ home and hope some of you will come along with me for the journey. 

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