Violently, my mind exploded! Suddenly! A massive Flashback! It was something said, one word, on the radio this morning. I can’t even bring myself to tell you what that one ‘innocent’ word was. It triggered me into silence and blanked out my day.


Where have i been all day? Have i seen anyone? Have i spoken to anyone? Have i done anything? I cannot speak.I cannot hear. I cannot answer my own questions because my mind is still shattered from the ‘word’, this morning. How do i explain how i am feeling? I can’t. I found myself just now, sitting, terrified, in a corner, on the floor. Hiding from my mind. I’m sorry but i cannot speak anymore. I cannot write anymore.I am sorry x Silence.


10 thoughts on “FLASHBACK!

  1. For my dear friends; thank you all for your comforting words. It is morning now and i am ok, all be it a little bruised and shaken in my mind but because of your support, i can get through the day, now. Love to you all xxx

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