After my horrific flashback yesterday, that hit me like an explosion; i think i am beginning to get myself together…(i think). I am exhausted today and feel like…..well, i feel like i have cut my arm (i self-harm) and the cut has almost stopped bleeding, with just a few trickles of blood left, running down my arm but today, i am trying to think of it, instead, as paint running down a wall after someone has painted it with somewhat inferior quality paint.



In addition, i had something very traumatic, happen to me last week and i’ve only told one close friend a little, but i will share it with you when i feel able. At the moment, i am wearing my mask with the smile painted on for the world. It says, loud and clear, “I’M FINE”. 


4 thoughts on “THE AFTERMATH

    1. Thank you. I have no idea what this award is about so will have to find out more about it before going ahead and accepting it. Thank you for being kind enough to nominate me. As far as my art therapy is concerned, i used to find it difficult, nigh on impossible to draw even a house with a door and four windows in it and it has only been relatively recently i have renewed my interest and am beginning to find it therapeutic. Hugs too xxx

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