I was nominated for this Not Featured On Freshly Pressed award for which i’m very appreciative, by both and , both of whom have become very good friends. I would like to thank them both for thinking me worthy of this award. I value their blogs very much as they are both written honestly and with eloquence, value and feeling. They have both also supported me as my journey through this new blog world has progressed.


I’m pretty new to the world of blogging, having only started writing at the beginning of this year but find helping others to feel less alone in their difficult situations very rewarding and i can’t say how grateful i am for their support and friendship. I’d never even heard of the Not Featured On Freshly Pressed awards and had to research it on WordPress to find out! 


However, i write because i am passionate about writing and about trying to stop child abuse of any type. Also blogging is helping resolve some of my own issues as well as hopefully helping others with theirs. By accepting this award, i hope to reach many others to try to help them feel less isolated and more valued.I have learned and gained a lot from reading others’ blogs and it has opened up a whole new world of friendship and support.


I nominate this blog for this award because i think her work is very deserving of it:

Mariann Matland

Mariann has become a very dear friend to me, and has supported me hugely. Mariann’s blogs are often painful to read but i read each one through from beginning to end because they are so genuinely and sensitively written and they always touch my heart, right to the core. I identify with so much of her work about abuse as we have so much in common. I have a great deal of respect for Mariann. I feel this writer is very deserving of this Not Featured On Freshly Pressed award as she not only has inspired me to write but i am sure many others.


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