Strange world this, isn’t it? Blogging! Half the world are doing it, some during the day; some like myself, sitting at my laptop, tapping aways into the wee small hours and getting far too little sleep. We all have our favourite blogs which we follow, ‘Like’ or ‘Comment’, faithfully. We think that half the population who are blogging, all around the world, are our ‘friends’. And yet, who are we, us, budding authors? We mostly write under pseudonyms with avatars or symbols or anonymous heads. We bare our souls to complete strangers when we wouldn’t dare do so in the real world, ‘out there’. We all blog on different blog sites – there are enough of them to choose from. Personally, i prefer WordPress.



I haven’t been blogging for very long and i’m quite new at this, but already, i’m totally hooked! I’m fortunate enough to be able to write at any time, being disabled and being unable to work, that plus given that i’m attached to my laptop by an umbilical cord, my computer rarely leaves my lap.


Personally, i’m hooked, i love it, (the freedom to speak your words ‘aloud’) in this frantic world of ours. I can’t leave it alone, always writing or eagerly checking emails to see if you have any ‘Likes’ or ‘Comments’ or ‘followers’. When i first started out, i said that i was doing this for myself without being interested in the popularity stakes. But, oh, no….who was i kidding? I was soon caught up in the world of the popularity stakes and totally addicted. I think about little else. Ideas for topics pop into my head at the most weird times!


I have to have stand and say aloud, “My name is Ellie Sofia and i am an addict”. There, i’ve said it. I’ve admitted to the world that i get a buzz out of getting my words on paper, so to speak, sometimes thinking “Who in the hell wants to read about my boring life” and then before i know it my finger is on that PUBLISH button and off my life story goes, into the ether, landing goodness where. I wonder sometimes, whether i take it all too seriously although i daresay there many amongst who don’t spend their time thinking “Should i have said that?” and “Well, it’s too late now i’ve pressed ‘out to the world’ button:


Am i addicted? I like to think that i could take it or leave it but, being honest i seriously think i need help and that there ought to be a ‘BLOGGERS ANONYMOUS’ organization. I could go there, stand up and confess my sins: That i sat up all night, having no sleep, desperate to get these words down, only then to fall asleep on my computer laptop keyboard and wake suddenly with a stiff neck and QWERTY embedded into my forehead!




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