half face crying

Why don’t my tears fall when anyone can see?

As if I must hide my pain from the world with shame

When I cry alone, and only then

Do those painful tears cascade

Like waterfalls down both cheeks

I am not in the least, ashamed of knowing that in my splintered heart

You may think me strong

But inside, I am weak at the broken places

Yet I will talk until the cows come home of my weakness and pain with you

Only my nose ‘cries’ tears into tissues, but do my eyes betray me?

Can you see me in here, hiding?

With my backpack full of heavy rocks

Which dent and twist my spine

The agony is severe and persistent

 I wish I could put it down for a while

So I may rest a little and escape my inner tortuous world

Yes, mostly I am ‘on show’, my public face smiling

When inside I hurt so deeply

Yet I love so passionately

Can you see me, hiding?