Today, I feel different! Today, I feel good. Don’t know why, considering yesterday I was ready to throw the towel in. I guess it’s partly BPD (I can be suicidal one minute, and the next, as high as a kite, to say nothing of impulsive and emotionally all over the place and around and around i go)! Nevertheless, i’m making the most of it while it lasts. My therapy went well today; I received a publishing contract for my third book; I’ve made a great new blog/email friend; I’ve been happy; I’ve been angry: I’ve laughed; I’ve cried; I’ve shared my feelings (important) and that’s why i love these blogs of ours; I’ve been a loser; I’ve been a fighter. Most of all, I’ve been a survivor.


I know many of my friends here will be feeling low and down and desperate and I understand; I’ve been there; I’m more often not still there and may well be back in the mud again by tomorrow. But for now, I want to send you all, my friends… my love and many big hugs and want to share this YouTube clip of Katy Perry’s “Roar” which gave me a ‘lift’ today xxx 🙂