Names, names, names! What’s in a name? Believe it or not, i have spent the last three hours, thinking of a name to use as a pseudonym for my new book. I’ve searched on Google, Bing, Ask etc for lists of names; they’re endless! Choosing one was a nightmare…did it sound right…did it flow…did i make sure the initials don’t spell out something rude?! I’ve searched through lists of surnames by A-Z, by origin, nationality, popularity etc, and first names just about everywhere under the sun! There’s lists of baby girl names, baby boy names, names by meaning, names by how many syllables, modern names, historical names, etc, etc, etc. I will be dreaming of names all night…that’s if i ever get to bed!


The number of nights, i’ve sat up late, writing more of my book, into the night and sometimes the early hours of the morning and even occasionally getting completely carried away and not going to bed at all, either that or i nod off literally on my laptop keyboard and wake with a stiff neck and QWERTY stamped into my forehead. I then end up spending the next day absolutely shattered and regretting my keenness. But i love writing…I am passionate about it which is just as well as i have little else to get passionate about, at least not in the ‘men’ stakes anyway (no offence, gents)! Not that i have time for men with all the writing i do.


My children are grown and moved away, my ex-husband has now remarried and is living in Taiwan, i don’t have a huge number of friends (but then i always think ‘quality not quantity’). I am physically disabled which limits what i can do around the house, i have various other non-interesting conditions as well as plenty of mental health labels stuck to me too, particularly BPD and PTSD as i’ve blogged about before so therefore i have plenty of time on my hands for my passion.


Blogging is very different to writing a book. I’m more relaxed about it which i ought not to be as i daresay many more people follow my blog (and that’s not that many!) than will read my books. My publisher is a very small, specialist publisher. He doesn’t charge me anything for publishing, editing, printing etc but then i don’t get much in the way of royalties back, not that i write for that reason and therefore it doesn’t bother me in the least. I wasn’t born to be rich. I’ve had to struggled financially all my adult life but there are many more  people far worse off than I am.


As you may have noticed, the tone of my blog varies from day to day, ranging from the very serious, deeply upsetting real-life facts to the more light-hearted truths. My Posts, i’ve decided, have BPD themselves, as everyday they go up and down like a bloody yoyo!