Well, i just phoned X and told them the truth; that i have a blog, and yes, it does go out there to the world (as they put it). They yelled negatives and insults down the phone, adding “don’t come running to me when it all ‘comes out’  and i don’t want to be involved with you anymore”. X was such an important person in my life. I loved them, looked up to them and now i’ve lost them. I am devastated.


I need your support, my friends, i feel lost without X. Why do i have to be so honest about everything, even to my detriment?


This video is for you, my friends because you’re always there to pick up the pieces. I need you to see right through my walls. I need you to see the real me and accept me for who i am. It’s difficult for me to trust but when i blog and you hear me, i feel safe; i feel like i’m home. Thank you and God bless you, my friends. xxx