I’m trying so hard to live a more positive life so when i saw this video, the lyrics made sense to me. I want to keep on trying, no matter how many times i fall (I’ll get up again) and i won’t be used or abused  by anyone ever again. It’s hard to think like this, given my past but i know i don’t want to waste the rest of my life being miserable. I’m 56 (yeah! ok, i know i’m ‘ancient’ in your eyes!), and yes, there are still the blackest of days but i have to keep on fighting off that darkness and search for the light to live the rest of my life by. I need to move on from being static or spiralling downwards.


Yep, i may well fall into that pit again some days, but i have to make myself find footholds to get out of the abyss that i’m in. I’m not great today but i’ve got to stop those dark colours from seeping into my tomorrows. I need to find newer, brighter colours to live by, and no, it’s not easy or all plain sailing but i need to draw new lines in my life. After all, we only get one shot at this life so i have to remember that Life’s For The Living. x

5 thoughts on “LIFE’S FOR THE LIVING

  1. Every moment that *we choose* to fight – however small or insignificant it may seem *is* crucial; the darkness *can’t* win – we are here and still around for a reason – even when we can’t understand it, or know not why, it’s there. Courage my friend 🙂

  2. Your 56???? Wow. You’d never think it! You don’t act your age ha ha kidding you ok? Your right though, we should embrace life as much as possible. XXXX

    1. Hi! I’m afraid to disappoint you but yes, I’m 56 (ancient I know)!!! I don’t feel it at all and I’m afraid I probably don’t act that age all the time. As you know, all my insiders are much younger than me and I think that has something to do with it.Yep! Life Is For The Living! Hugs xxx 🙂

      1. Oh! Dont worry I’m not disappointed at all! In fact I’m just in awe! You are lucky cause most people feel so old when they get to that age, our mom is 52 almost will be in June, shes always complaining she feels old. See? Having did has its advantages! Hahaha. xxx

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