Dear Friends,

I apologize that I am unable to read or reply to any of your blogs or emails at the moment. There is something wrong with my email account that is stopping me having access to it! I will try and catch up with you as soon as it rights itself xxx 😦

Relinquishing Control

I love this post so much, I just had to reblog it on my page. I am honoured to do so. Thank you, Life and PTSD xxx

Life and PTSD


My world is about order and control. Perhaps you wouldn’t realize this if you saw the dishes piled on my sink or the dirty bathroom, but it’s true. That’s why this PTSD is affecting me so severely. I am unable to control my feelings or contain my mind, and the lack of control is driving me crazy! However, if I want to heal I must learn to relinquish control in favor of finding new ways to cope… creative ways I never learned in grad school.

Today, I was looking for a coping skill. I have several essential oil samples that I’ve been smelling today because I am still wary of putting them on my skin. They have helped, but I’m thinking this is more due to me deep breathing than the healing power of a scent. I decided to color, and found a nice and orderly page that even had…

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