It’s three o’clock in the morning
When most of the world is sleeping
I stare at the moon in the navy sky
While out of the curtains I’m peeping

I draw back the deep red curtains
And fold back the throw on my bed
I plump up the somewhat squashed pillow
Where I’d briefly lain my head

I glide down my stair lift slowly
Trying not to wake my neighbour
I, with my hand on the joystick
Requiring no manual labour

I stumble across the kitchen
To make a hot mug of tea
I’m sneaking like a mouse on wheels
Disabled, I happen to be

By then I wish I’d made coffee
To wake me from lacking slumber
If I shut my eyes, I can still count sheep
So one by one, I number

Shall I go back to bed?
No, it’s already five in the morning
My carers will be here at six
But I hear my bed still calling

I hear the key in the lock
“Good morning”, they call, all cheery
While me with my eyes wide shut
Still sit there looking bleary.



5 thoughts on “TO PASS THE TIME OF NIGHT

  1. This is a wonderfully powerful poem Ellie!

    It’s so well written – this “ditty” as you call it – but it’s elegant and simple, and yet heart felt. There is strength in simplicity – even as you share personal information and thoughts about your daily life – including the “obnoxious” moments – like desperate need for sleep, but thorough lack.

    I really like this Ellie – be proud of your words. They are beautiful. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Pat, for your encouragement. My confidence levels (in myself) vary a lot, mostly because of my BPD. When I’m ‘up’, so are my confidence levels but when I’m down,my confidence and self-esteem plummet too.

      Thank you for your compliments too. Hugs, Ellie xxx 🙂

      1. That is completely understandable. On the “best” of days, we all feel a bit shaky, especially if we are “sharing” some bits and pieces of ourselves, out there for the world to see, think about, and possible – judge. But I think the important thing is we find the strength to keep at it. I’m no different. 🙂

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