I have just come across and read the most incredible blog I’ve ever read! It is written by a young woman I shall call J. I didn’t want to reblog her page here without asking if that’s ok with her which I will do if we have any further contact. I have so much admiration and respect for this (hopefully possible) new friend. I have left her my email details in the hope that she will contact me.

She has a very rare, extremely serious and life-limiting condition and from what I’ve read has had to spend most of her time in bed, in pain and much of it in and out of hospices and hospitals She knocks all my problems, worries and difficulties, disabilities etc, into a corner. She is brave, strong, has a wonderful sense of humour and more and I would be honoured to get to know her better.

Often, when I’m struggling with my disabilities and various mental health labels, I think I’ve got it tough and that life has treated me cruelly. But what I suffer is microscopic compared to what J. has to contend with. What she has written is extremely moving and touches my heart to the very core. As I read her words, I felt tears streaming down my face.

I’m not going to write any more today as I am just blown away by this young woman’s courage.

“So, J., if you’re out there and you’re maybe reading this, I hope you don’t mind what I have written and this is for you….

rainbow heart

With My Love, Ellie xxxxxx


  1. What an incredibly sweet thing to write! Thank you, Ellie. You’re very welcome to share my blog, and I appreciate that you wanted to ask first – that was so thoughtful of you. I hope you got my email – please let me know if you didn’t (and maybe check that your email is written correctly on the message that you sent me). Hope you’re enjoying the beautiful weather, and feeling contented and peaceful. Sending hugs in your direction!

    1. You are very welcome and very deserving, Jo. Yes, I got your email thank you and will reply later today. Thank you for allowing me to share your blog post(s). The weather is lovely and I am well. Thank you for the hugs. More coming back to you xxx 🙂

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