I am sorry to all my blogging friends that I have not read or commented on all of your posts but I have been in hospital for several days. This is just a status post really.

I lost my balance and fell as I was transferring from my outdoor wheelchair to my indoor one. I landed badly and have unfortunately broken my bad leg (now in plaster) and got a minor fracture of my shoulder (now in a sling) so I am typing with one hand. Fortunately I am right-handed and it is my left shoulder that is injured. I am still in quite considerable pain and am needing extra Care.

broken leg in wheelchair

I also knocked myself unconscious as I hit my head on a hard floor as I fell. I don’t remember anything after that until I woke up the next day on a ward. Apparently, I was found by my Carer who called the Paramedics who rushed me to hospital in an ambulance with blue lights blazing. I was then taken into Resuscitation as the damage to my head caused me to start fitting which I have never done before. Once they stabilized me, I was on High Dependency for a short while before being transferred to a ward. I made a fairly quick recovery thankfully although of course we still be in plaster for a few weeks now which is obviously further disabled me on top of my general disability. However, I realize that my accident could have been far worse and I thank the Lord for saving me from serious injuries.

However, I am good spirits apart from my continuing family problems. Sadly, neither of my children have made any contact with me or the hospital whatsoever despite the hospital informing them of my accident. That really hurts and I know that I should try to forgive them and am continuing to pray for God to soften their hearts and for them to come to know and trust in Christ.