You Are Made AMAZING!

This is an amazing video, posted by my blogging friend, Meghan. It is about God’s tremendous love for us. Please take the time to watch and know you are special. Thank you for sharing this, Meghan xxx

Finding Hope's Sunshine

You want to know how wonderful you are? God formed you and knows every intimate detail about your life. He holds you together when you don’t feel like taking one more step. Pull up a chair, grab something warm to drink and watch this video. It is a bit long (40 mins.), but you will NOT be sorry. I promise you! From the universe to your body, there is proof that God is awesome and He made you amazing too. Got to watch it to the end, cool scientific find in our body, toward the end of the video. I loved it so much I watched it three times so far. Be blessed! And share with as many people as you can, so that they too, know that they are special. Thanks Meghan

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