Well, for those of you who are read my blog three days ago…..It went ok. In fact, it went better than ok, it went well! That is, reading my testimony out loud in church in front of 300 people this morning! I was so nervous.

I couldn’t sleep and was up by 4.30am rehearsing my ‘lines’ and then headed off to church early because the pavements were icy from the freezing fog we had during last night (it was -1 degree outside when I left!). But I arrived safely and in plenty of time.

I was greeted by my Minister, M*, who informed that I was first to speak out of six of us who were sharing our testimonies whereas I’d been told I was last so that was somewhat nerve-racking. My hands were shaking so much, M* had to hold the microphone as I couldn’t keep it still! Nevertheless, I managed to speak the words clearly and audibly, (and not mumble or whisper as I often do). I really enjoyed it all in the end and would love to do it again to publicly give thanks to God and hopefully encourage others to build on their faith.

When the service was over, we all trooped downstairs to get coffee or tea and lots of my friends and acquaintances there came up to me and said how pleased they were to hear that there had been some small steps towards reconciliation between myself and my children (even though they are only tentative at the moment). At least, I have hope…..hope for a future for me and my family at last, and I am just so grateful and say again, ‘to God be the glory’! x 🙂

2 thoughts on “TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

  1. Hi Ellie, so so happy for you that it went so well. It can be hard to speak in public in front of a lot of people. So glad you enjoyed it! XX

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