shadow man

He has come amongst you albeit you are unaware

He lies, he robs, he wounds beyond your imagination

Untold deceit, the pickings, and scars are left in his wake

Behind a trail of heartache, grief and isolation


He could be the passer-by in the street or your colleague

Standing on the terraces as you cheer your team on to win

You’ll never know it’s him for he clothes himself in gold

As if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth and sin far from his soul


Do not trust him as he lures you on for he is far from honest

He will break your heart as surely as he would your bank

With a grin on his face, he treads the path between the cracks

Then, as he drops a silver star, he knows his game is up


When finally caught, he declares, “not I, not I, not I”

“For no wrong have I done my friend or neighbour”

But the disgrace on his face is the undoing of him

And he is no longer able; though he never was a free man.