Fickle by nature
it creeps insidiously into all of our lives
through each minute crack and every tiny crevice
no mossy cornerstone unturned

It skulks stealthily into each vein
along never-ending scarlet arteries
distributing its venom
spat throughout our mortal souls

Echoing silence scorches our delicate ears
as it roars and it growls its way
through conversation pieces
ripping up pages in its wake

Wreaking havoc in previously civilized existences
any signs of peace being washed into vast oceans
Relationships smashed against the rocks
Pointless reception yet still we listen.

2 thoughts on “OWNER OCCUPIED

  1. Hi, Sophie. Stumbled on your page and I’m amazed at your work. The words are beautifully written and honest. God bless you for this piece, sometimes life just makes one want to scream. But God’s grace is ever sufficient. God bless.

    1. Hi cfgmedilag. Thank you for the compliment although I’m not sure it was meant for me as my name is Ellie and your kind comment is addressed to Sophie. Your words are nevertheless much appreciated. Please let me know if this is really meant for me, Ellie x

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