I’m fine….didn’t you know I was fine? No need to worry. Everything is okay. I’m happy. Didn’t I tell you earlier…..that I feel so much better? So, now you know. It’s alright. I’m doing great…..so you see…..I’m fine!

I'm fine (not) words

Do you think I’m fine?

2 thoughts on “I’M FINE!

    1. Thank you for your sensitivity as you are right….I wasn’t ‘fine’ at all when I wrote this piece. I was angry with myself and I don’t know why exactly other than I get patches where I am very dissatisfied and critical about myself and especially of my writing and this was one of those evenings.

      I added the first few words ‘ An outsider’s view of fine’ as an afterthought because I felt, having written it and pressed the dreaded ‘Publish’ button that it came across as aggressive (when no offence was intended) when the only person I was dissatisfied with was myself so I went back and edited it. Thank you for noticing but I’m ok today (I think)….it is early yet.

      Hope you are keeping well. Love Ellie xxx

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