10 thoughts on “Dear Val, I Miss You So

    1. Thanks, Mick. I had great fun writing it too! I don’t know where I got the idea as apart from the rare sighting of Pam Ayres on the TV years ago, I’ve not even read any of her books. She must have had quite an impact on me! I’m trying to work on another poem at the moment – not Pam Ayres’ style though. X

  1. Excellently penned, Ellie!

    I’ve only composed one poem that could (in a dim light) be called ‘Ayres-style’, and that’s Mozzy Hell.

    PS sorry for my recent lack of visits, I’ve been busier than a busy thing looking for a letter ‘y’ on a bus (and it’s not going to get better for quite a while, sadly).

    1. Thank you, PeNdantry. I’ve just read ‘Mozzy Hell’ and found it very funny (I left a comment there). I also took a look at your Benjamin Donkey website. I liked that one, too.

      I understand perfectly that you haven’t been able to visit my blog recently – I have the same problem, not just with reading your blog, but with other people’s, too. I follow so many and write my own more frequently these days that I’m always way behind catching up on everyone else’s posts. However, you have intrigued me with your comment about looking for a letter ‘Y’ on a bus. Please, do share if you have time. I will try to read your latest post, which is still sitting safely in my inbox. Take care … Ellie 🦒

      1. hehe… re-read my previous comment and consider what might happen if you were to find the letter ‘y’ at the very end of the ‘bus’ πŸ˜‰

        (Yes, it’s feeble, but I often have difficulty when attempting to contrive similes in haste on the fl[y].)

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