A New Face – Where Have I Gone? (A Poem)

Just in case you find yourself
wondering where I’ve gone
I haven’t sold my soul out
to that company, Amazon

I’m a new amalgamation
I’m still here and safe and sound
My yin and yang are balanced
as I stand firmly on the ground

If you’re looking for a reason
why I’ve gone and changed my theme
I’m painting on a new face
to prop up my self-esteem

Here, you’ll see my work in colour
My background, clean and white
The crisp lines of my writing
are far better on the sight

Have you noticed my new title?
No more ‘Thompson’ in my name
Simply ‘Essential Ellie’
I say without an ounce of shame

I haven’t had a change for ages
so, I thought this a good time
The hour is getting late now
I’ve been working overtime

And so I leave you till tomorrow
I think I’ll go and read instead
I’m tired of all this thinking
Night, night, I’m off to bed.

Please note: I wrote this in about 15-minutes, far too late at night. I daresay, it’s far from perfect, but I just wanted to explain my new ‘look’ to save any confusion to any of my readers who might be wondering ‘where’ I’ve gone. Sweet dreams.

Love Ellie Xx 💓💓💓

Photo by Дмитрий Хрусталев-Григорьев on Unsplash