The Gong Bath (Poem and Introduction)

Last night, my friend took me to my first Gong Bath. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. It was just incredible and I felt all my problems, worries, aches and pains disappearing as the sound increased. Deep, deep gong sounds resounded through the room and through my body. I’ve added the video at the top of my post – it’s just under thirty minutes long, but I suggest, if you just want to have a quick listen to understand what I could hear, you could listen in for a couple of minutes from about twenty minutes through the video. This morning, I feel fantastic, relaxed and at peace. I can highly recommend going along to one of these sessions if the fancy takes you.

Chime, bong, ching, dong …

What an amazing experience

last night

my first-ever encounter

of a Gong Bath

and singing bowls

sound reverberating

through the space

into the dimly lit room

candle and incense aromas

filling the air around me


my whole being

as I lay on a mat

on the wooden floor

feeling the vibration

moving deep within my body

calming my mind

quietening my thoughts

drifting away

as the sound grew louder

and louder still

relaxing every muscle

and sinew

floating away

panpipes softly playing

humble notes

time non-existent

beautiful spiritual bliss.

Stumped Again (A Poem)

Once again, I’m rather stumped
My lacking words cannot be dumped
onto this page, crisp and white
when I do not know what to write

I thought I’d conquered writer’s block      
so this has come as quite a shock
My keys are silent; my pen can’t write
I sat here, dumb, into the night

What topic shall I write about?
This I cannot figure out
I tried again in the early morning
just as the rosy sun was dawning

I don’t have time to have a break
I force myself to stay awake
I’m tired of all this concentration
Perhaps, I’ll do some meditation

I haven’t written for a week
I’m stuck right here with poor technique
I’m halfway through a true-life tale
but miserably, that’s still a fail

I’m concentrating very hard
but every word simply jars
Relax – breathe in – and then exhale
Damn!! Still, it is to no avail.

Photo by Ivan Samkov: