Family Time – A Short Break

Is there a place you can go to break away for a little while? If you haven’t yet built your tree house, it’s never too late to start.

Gina Greenlee,Β Postcards and Pearls: Life Lessons from Solo Moments on the Road

This is just a brief post to let you know that I’m taking a short time out to spend with my grandchildren, Imogen, ten and Charlie, eight, who are coming to stay with me from tomorrow afternoon till Saturday morning. My granddaughter has stayed once when she was seven, but this will be my grandson’s first stay.

I’ve also taken advice from one of my blogging friends, who said I should take a break as I worry so much about keeping up with everyone else’s blogs. To those of you who have known me for a while, you will know this is an ongoing issue for me. If it were possible, I would read every single blog that plops into my bursting-at-the-seams inbox. I genuinely want to reciprocate the kindness of my readers by showing respect and returning that kindness. I guess I sometimes try so hard to be kind to others but to the detriment of myself.

Anyway, here we are at ten o’clock at night, and I have lots to do to prepare for my grandchildren’s visit. After that, I’m going to bed for an early night and will catch up with you all at the weekend. Please, forgive me for not reading your posts in the meantime. I will start with a refreshed and rested mind once the children return home.

I am so, so excited about them coming to stay with me. I never thought, years ago, that I would ever be fit and well enough to have my grandchildren here while I’m on my own. I might have a disability and need the odd bit of help from them, but that’s okay, and my son is fine with that, too.

As the quote (above) says it’s never too late to build a treehouse! I’m going to be building a treehouse big enough for me, Imogen and Charlie to play in. It’ll be fun!

See you all again soon. Take care of yourselves.

Much Love, Ellie Xxx πŸ’–πŸ’πŸ’–

Author: Ellie Thompson

Writing my memoirs, musings, a little fiction and a lot of poetry as a way of exploring and making the most of my life ... ... Having had a break from writing my blog for more than three years, I decided to return to write my memoirs, some day-to-day observations, views and feelings. My passion is non-fiction poetry. I have a disability and use an electric powerchair called Alfie and let nothing get in the way of living life to the full. I believe that you can never do a kindness too soon and should give credit where credit is due. A smile or a kind word could make the difference between a good or bad day for a person - we never know what's going on for another soul. Those little things, perhaps, practised daily like a mantra, could mean so much to someone else. Thank you for visiting my blog and reading a little more about me. Please, make yourself at home here. You are very welcome. Ellie x 😊

60 thoughts on “Family Time – A Short Break”

  1. Enjoy the time with your grandchildren and stay in the tree house as long as you want!! Relax and have a great time Ellie.

    1. Thanks so much, Grace. I’m sure I will. It’s the first time my grandson has been for a sleepover, although my granddaughter last came when she was seven. Now she’s ten, so it’s been a while. Have a good couple of days. Xx πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–

  2. Beautiful photo with your grandchildren. Nice you share your time spent with grandchildren. So sweet grandchildren.

    1. Thanks very much, Mick. I’ll be itching to come back to write after a couple of days away from WP. I’m going to have to leave some blogs unread as I’ll never catch up with the earlier ones, which are rather heaped up in my inbox. I shall start again from after the weekend 😊.

    1. Thanks very much, Janet. The ‘treehouse’ experience was wonderful (but totally exhausting). I will try and write a bit about it sometime soon. Now that both the children have gone back to their dad’s house, I’m going to chill out this evening and have an early night. Big hug for you, too. Xx πŸ₯°

    1. Thanks, Brian. The children have just gone home. It was wonderful to have them, but I’m totally exhausted now. I wouldn’t change the experience for all the world, though. An early night for me tonight, I think!

    1. Thanks so much, Margaret. Imogen and Charlie have just gone home with their dad. It was wonderful to have them here (separately, not both together – too much squabbling otherwise). I’m totally shattered now. An early night is called for. I will probably get back to my blog in the next couple of days. Take care Xxx πŸ₯°

    1. Thanks very much, Layla. The ‘treehouse’ experience was wonderful and fun; although the children have just gone home, and I am totally exhausted. I would do it all over again, though. Xx 😘

    1. Thank you, Chuck. The children have just gone home. It was a wonderful and fun couple of days, although I’m exhausted now. The munchkins were very well-behaved on their own. It’s when they get together they start squabbling all the time. Luckily, I had them one at a time. I think an early night is in order tonight! πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΌπŸ’•

  3. Enjoy every minute Ellie! You will be busy. Breaks are vital and I know what you mean! Your blog and everyone else’s won’t go anywhere. It’s the getting back that kills ya.. lol.. I’m trying now too! πŸ’ž

    1. Thank you, Cindy. Goodness, what a busy, wonderful and fun time we had, although I’m absolutely shattered now that they have just returned home. I’m pleased to know that my blogging family will still be here. You’re right about getting back into it all being the difficult part. I’ve just had to delete 3o-something blog notification emails as there is no way I’ll ever be able to catch up with all of them. I hope you have success in recovering from your break, too. XxπŸ’–πŸ’•

    1. Thanks very much, Davy. They’ve just gone home, and I’m shattered, although we had a wonderful time. I will try and write about the ‘treehouse’ experience soon. Hope you are well.

  4. Enjoy your family time Ellie, and do it as often as you like, take breaks whenever you like, the blogging world will still be here whenever you get back πŸ€—βœ¨x

    1. Thank you, Cherryl. We had a wonderful time this week. I so enjoyed having my grandchildren stay with me. How are you? It’s good to see you back again. I will try to catch up with your recent post this week. Xx πŸ€—πŸŒΉπŸ’›

  5. OMG, how dare you! I demand a recount!!! I didn’t get to vote on whether or not you could take a break from reading my blog just to spend time with your grandchildren instead of reading and leaving comments on my page! This is an outrage! It is unfair, I don’t like it, and I’m completely against it!!! I am appalled at your treatment of me! I don’t like it and I want to speak to your manager!

    OK, I managed to say “I,” “me,” and other variations, nine times in that tiny paragraph. And that’s a pretty decent representation of the thinking of anyone that gets upset about you taking time away from reading and commenting on their page for a few days. As Forest Gump would say, “that’s all I have to say about that.”

    I hope you have (had?) a marvelous time!

    1. Hello, Marla. I’m really sorry I haven’t replied before now. Somehow, your two comments ended up in my spam folder and I only found them this morning. I’m very busy today, so I will reply to you properly as soon as I can. Thanks for your comments in the meantime. However, I’d just like to say that I did have a wonderful time with my grandchildren. I liked the Forest Gump quote, too. I will reply to your other comment on a different post separately as soon as I can.

      1. As I said, there’s never any rush.

        I’m glad you had a great time!!!
        And I have found Forrest Gump to be like a box of chocolates: there’s always one in there that hits the spot.

    1. Thanks, Bridgette. Don’t worry at all about being late in posting. I had an absolutely fantastic time with my grandchildren those couple of days. I can’t wait for them to come back for another sleepover, although it probably won’t be until the next main holiday, which is the summer holidays. I’m so looking forward to seeing them again. Love to you. Xx πŸŒ·πŸ’•

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