I said in my last blog that i didn’t feel safe blogging again after that incident where that pervert, that sick-minded individual, that internet warrior, left a disgusting and insulting comment on my page referring to my horrific rape. On reflection, i decided i was not going to let that idiot shoot me down with his depraved words because i will get up and speak my mind! This YouTube video, Titanium, sums up my feelings exactly!

To that pathetic person, i say “Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names will never harm me”. So….I’ve decided to stand strong and continue to write freely. I have spent my entire life being silenced and i don’t intend to spend any more years in the same way. I will speak out and stand up for myself. I will not be knocked down by mere words. I AM TITANIUM!

Although i currently have some family problems in my personal life, I’m going to keep on moving in the direction that I want to go. I will not be pushed into the corner like a frightened rabbit and be silenced again. If anything, this incident has made me angry, very angry (not an emotion i am familiar with). I will not be constrained and no longer tied by chains. I am an angry but strong woman. I AM TITANIUM!


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